The Story of Mulan by Chen Yu

This story is adapted from the traditional Chinese folk tale set in the Han dynasty. It is a tale of how a brave young woman, disguising as a man, takes her father's place during a general conscription to battle a foreign invasion. The Story of Mulan centers on the importance of bravery, family and country. We invite you to travel through time back to Ancient China with your child and share this amazing story, in English or Chinese.

As part of the Teaching Panda series, this story book features full illustration, side-by-side bilingual translation together with Mandarin Pinyin, and detailed vocabulary pages. It is the perfect entry-level course companion to learn sentence structure, build vocabulary and practice pronunciation for English-speaking children learning Mandarin. Both parent and children will be captivated by the beautiful pictures and can read along either in English, Mandarin or Pinyin.